Igloo Yukon® Cold Lockers. 5 Year Warranty

Your Yukon® Cold Locker has features and benefits you won't find in lesser coolers—impressive now, more impressive when you're a week in hunting camp, chasing trophies days from shore, or poling the flats under skin-blistering sun. This cold locker is the best there is at keeping ice colder for longer, even in the toughest conditions. You've been there. In the dead calm scorcher off the Keys when the Dorado are going crazy. You need cold fast and to make it last. That's when the Yukon saves the day. Or you're up in the bush and you knock down a good bull on the second day, but the plane isn't due for two more. Yukon is the answer. Every detail is there to give you the longest-lasting ice you can get, and help keep your trip on track. With a comprehensive assortment of Yukon® Cold Lockers ranging from 50 – 250 quarts, and growing, there is a Yukon perfect for every serious outdoorsman.

Take a close look. Once you know the Yukon, you'll never go back.


Integrated Fish Ruler

Convenient ruler molded into lid measures fish, tines or gobbler beards for instant bragging rights.

Rock Solid Handles

Steady no-swing designed handles have a wide-grip, large enough for two hands, and are made for carrying heavy loads. They are easier to grip and more stable than ropes. Handles double as secure tie-down anchors for theft resistance and secure transport.

Grip'N Glide™ Feet

Use the skid side for filling & unloading, or flip to anti-skid side to keep cold locker in place. Reversible feet are non-marking and ideal for boat decks and truck beds.

True Full-load Capacity

Load capacity is measured from the inside, not outside, so you get all the capacity you pay for.*

Yukon® Integrated Fish Ruler
Integrated Fish Ruler
Yukon® Rock Solid Handles
Rock Solid Handles
Yukon® Grip'N Glide™ Feet
Grip'N Glide™ Feet
Yukon® True Full-load capacity
True Full-load Capacity

*Igloo follows the industry practice of advertising the inside capacity of our coolers, measured according to EN12546-2 2000 testing standards.


Bigger, Stronger 5/16" Stainless Steel Hinge Rods

Solid, marine-grade stainless steel hinge rods are larger and stronger than aluminum for secure lid anchoring.

Dual Stainless Steel Lid Locking Plates

Lid can be locked for maximum security against critters, theft and tampering.

All Weather, Durable T-handle Latches

Heavy- duty and flexible rubberized latches are corrosion resistant and long lasting even in tough environments. They lock in cold and help keep loads secure.

RapidFlo™ Drain System

Oversized drain plug allows for faster draining and easier cleaning without clogging from fish scales, bones or other debris. The extra large finger grips are easy to grab and turn, and the stainless steel tether helps prevent plug loss. Larger sizes have two drain plugs for even faster draining.
*The 150 has two Drain Plugs.

Yukon® Stainless Steel Hinge Rods
Stainless Steel Hinge Rods
Yukon® Stainless Steel Lid-Lock Plate
Stainless Steel Lid-Lock Plates
Yukon® Durable T-handle Latches
Durable T-handle Latches
Yukon® RapidFlo™ Drain System
RapidFlo™ Drain System

MaxCold® Insulation

Exclusive MaxCold® thermal barrier is thicker & more uniform, with no gaps, seams or thin spots to leak cold.

Dry Ice Compatible

Construction is tough enough for dry ice so your fish, meat or supplies stay colder and fresher longer. Conventional ice life is maximized when used in tandem with dry ice.

360˚ Degree Freezer-style Gasket

Heavy-duty gasket seals in cold and locks out heat with a leak proof compression seal.

Cool Riser Technology™

Elevated design improves cooling performance by holding the cold lockers further above hot surfaces, and makes wash-downs easier on boat decks and other surfaces.

Igloo® Yukon® MaxCold® Insulation
MaxCold® Insulation
Yukon® Dry Ice Compatible
Dry Ice Compatible
Yukon® 360˚ Freezer-style Gasket
360˚ Freezer-style Gasket
Yukon® Cool Riser Technology™
Cool Riser Technology™

I have never owned a cooler comparable to the Yukon. It is appropriately called an "ice locker". I have had my Yukon strapped to the swim platform of my boat for fishing trips down to the Jersey shore. We travel from N.Y. state, all the way down the Hudson River, past NYC, and finally to Sandy Hook N.J. We fish all day long, opening and closing the cooler each time we have another fish to add to the collection. Each time we return to our marina (approximately 12 hours later), I am amazed at the ice retention of this "locker". Even after opening and closing throughout the day there are still solid ice cubes blanketing our catch when we return. We sit on it, stand on it, use it for a work station, then clean it well and place it in the storage room next to the rest of our "serious" fishing tackle.
— Joe F.

The Yukons are a great addition to the igloo line. We were very impressed on their durability. Working in the charter business for 18+ years now, it is great to see a product that can with stand the daily abuse we put it through. We have the Yukon 250qt mounted on the back of the transom being used as our main fish box. This thing has seen tons of fish (literally) over the past few months. It is still going strong no rips or dings on it what so ever. Holds ice like a plugged in freezer. The lid has been forced open and shut thousands of times and the hinges are still holding up, this is a big deal. Seems like every other fish cooler we have used in the past has had to have the lid reinforced several times. Love the drain plug, makes for a quick clean up. What else can I say, these coolers have exceeded our needs and expectations love the product!
— Captain Leaf